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MedExperts is one of North America’s most widely used medical software and services providers, and is the largest Altapoint dealer in the world.  Specializing in Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management Software, and Health Information Exchange, MedExperts offers some of the most comprehensive medical workflow solutions available. These offerings help clients reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve patient care.


Medical Solutions

HeaMedical Solutonslthcare IT Solutions for Physicians, Hospitals, and Others

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)


Service Solutions

WideService Solutons range of services for Physicians, Hospitals, and Others.

  • Medical Billing Service


Health Information Exchange

ProvidingHealth Information Exchnange a platform for the exchange of healthcare information between various medical entities


Meaningful Use Info

EveryMeaningful Use Infothing you should know regarding the government EHR Stimulus.