Altapoint Chiropractic

With the public's rising interest in natural health care and corrective techniques, it is a great time to be a chiropractor. There are many challenges that are presented with a Chiropractic Office. Many chiropractors find themselves quickly outgrowing their business structure because of the sharp rise in natural corrective techniques. It is vital to keep your skills polished in each of these areas in order to have the cutting edge practice that is successful and fulfilling

With AltaPoint Chiropractic Software for Practice Management, you get the flexibility and breathing room you need to expand, all the while maintaining a tight hold on your practice management. Electronic practice management allows you to maintain a more organized workflow within your office environment.

AltaPoint puts the answers within your reach.

1. Palm Organizer TM Support 
Convenient and portable, AltaPoint Chiropractic Software puts your practice data in the palm of your hand! Using the popular Palm TM organizer, AltaPoint greatly extends your access to important practice information. You can add and edit patients, record patient encounters with billing detail, view and update appointments, add tasks, addresses, and even detailed notes.  Powerful data synchronization utilities allow you to enter information on your desktop computer and your Palm organizer independently. When you return to your office, you simply synchronize the palm device with our Chiropractic software on your PC. All changes are recorded on both your desktop computer and your Palm organizer!

2. Control Your Inventory
Use our Chiropractic Software to track and control all of your inventory items. Maintain desired stocking levels and reorder points. Track the revenue, and cost of goods sold for each product in inventory.

3. "Smart" Word Processing Interface
AltaPoint works hand-in-glove with your existing word processor. That's because both Microsoft Word can read your AltaPoint data files directly -- without the need to create separate "Mail-merge" files! AltaPoint also interfaces directly with MicroSoft Excel, MicroSoft Access, Visual FoxPro and many other popular programs.

4. Spell Correction
Integrated spell correction is available when entering patient notes, administrative notes, and all other areas in AltaPoint designed for free-form text.

5. Electronic Claims Processing
Fast and painless - AltaPoint Chiropractic Software electronic claims allow you to process and track your insurance claims quickly and efficiently.  Free your staff to work on more important practice tasks and save on the postage and supplies associated with printing and mailing your insurance claims.

6. Custom Statements that You Design 
Billing your patients has never been easier. Use any of a number of statement formats or design your own with your favorite Windows fonts, styles -- and even your own practice logo. Patient statements can include a variety of information of your choosing including: aging of accounts; special and dunning messages; estimated insurance and patient responsibility of charges; up-coming appointments and reminders; patient instructions for specific procedures -- and many other options.

7. Management Reports
AltaPoint Chiropractic Software comes with a complete set of accounting and management reports. In addition to flexible reports that come built into the system, you can design an unlimited number of your own reports and forms. All reports support your favorite Windows fonts and can be previewed on the screen before printing.

8. Task Management
Track important tasks by date, patient, and provider.  

9. Compound Codes
Compound codes can save you time and keystrokes when entering invoices. With this feature, you can combine several procedure codes as a single command.

10. Speech Recognition for Narrative Dictation 
Fast and reliable.  AltaPoint Chiropractic takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology that allows you to dictate notes directly into your patient records.  The system converts your dictation into text as you speak. The more you dictate, the more the system "learns" your voice and vocabulary.  You simply won't believe the power of this exciting technology.  Requires Dragon Naturally Speaking version 3.5 or later (purchased separately), Pentium III or AMD K6-3 recommended.  A sound card or built-in audio system that meets the Dragon Systems hardware requirements