Altapoint Dental

Choosing the right dental software for your practice can be a challenge, but it is one of the most important decisions you can make. This Dental Software is committed to the success of your practice, whether it is on the financial or clinical side. AltaPoint is an innovative, easy to use system that is designed to help your practice become more productive and successful. Call today for your free demo.

Main Features

Instant Search
When accessing any file from the List option a search is now launched.

Auto Fill
Anytime you start typing in a box that has the magnifying glass next to it, the program starts a search matching the text that has been entered ( ie. Smith, J).

Open Practice Option
A new feature for billing services so that they can have access to all their data within the same program. Eliminates the need for multiple icons on the desktop.

Default Patient Settings
Under File we now have the patient screens where we can setup common fields needed for most patients.

Default System Date
If you are behind on your work and you need to do yesterday's bills, instead of wasting time changing each billing date to yesterday's date, you can change the default system date and be on your way.

Employee Specific Security
HIPAA Compliance, allows you to assign a password to each employee and then mark feature by feature what that employee is allowed to access.

Employee Audit Trail
Allows the administrator the ability to review transactions that have been edited or deleted from the current form.

Enhanced Ledger in the Patient File
Ability to display unpaid bills only or show a billing summary instead of individual transaction lines.

Family Tab
In the Patient File and Guarantor File we have a family screen that displays relating family members.

Family Address Change
In the family tab we have the ability to change all family member's address.

Word Search for Billing Codes
Ether in the transaction entry or the billing code section there is a word search box that you can check and in so doing the program will start narrowing the list of codes down as soon as you start typing in a word.

Sort Claims by Insurance
The claims when printed are now sorted by insurance company.

Claims Management
Under activities, the claims management screen will lists a summary of all claims and the date of the bill.

Multiple Images on Patient Screen
AltaPoint shows up to 4 images per screen on the Patient Images. Ability to categorize and date them as well.

Thumbnail Images
The image screen will display the images as "thumbnail" size pictures but can zoom to fit a regular 8 X 10 piece of paper.

Auto Size Photos
AltaPoint Dental now sets the photos in AltaPoint to 220 X 220 resolution.

Log-off Three Ways
You are now able to log off three ways:
1. The basic closing down AltaPoint.
2. A new log-off tile with a padlock on it on the toolbar for manual log-offs.
3. Now, under practice information, there is the option of log-off after so many minutes which can be assigned. Also called auto log-off.
This is in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Automatically Capitalizes the First Letter in Select Address Files
Such as Business and Title.

Paste Images from Clip Board
Now you can scan and save images from the clip board to the image section of the program.

Electronic Statements
Ability to print statements to a file on the hard drive.

Co-pay Visit on Patient Billing Screen
If the patient has a co-pay per visit you can now enter it on the billing screen and it will calculate in the transaction screen (per visit).

Periodontal Charting
As a separate chart. Enabled.

Save Charts in Time
Ability to save either a restorative or periodontal chart at anytime as an image.

Global Patient Reminder
A reminder can be setup so that anytime a patient is accessed in the program a reminder memo note will appear. Accept Assignment by insurance.

Insurance Type
You can now separate the insurance type to determine whether it is filed by paper or electronic.

Provider ID's
We have up to 4 insurance id's that the provider might be identified by.

Short List
You can now identify billing codes that are used over and over and put them on a "short list" that can be accessed anywhere in the program.

Payment and Adjustment Code List
You can also limit your billing code list to only payment and adjustment codes.

Appointment Length by Billing Code
You can identify an appointment length by procedure code. This will help in scheduling your day based on estimated time needed for certain procedures.

Internal Coding
You can create codes for internal purposes and flag them to never be on a statement or insurance bill.

Auto Insurance Payment / Bill Patient
You have the option on your insurance payment codes to have it automatically check the insurance paid box and to put a check mark in the bill patient box. You would simply need to set up three insurance payment codes if this feature is used.

Claim Management Screen
Provides a summary of all claims that have been entered into the system and what insurance have been billed.

Adjust Fee Schedules
Ability to do a global calculation of fee schedules by percent or by amount. Can make changes fees and write off billing code by billing code. If you wish to do this outside of AltaPoint you can export the fee schedule, make the changes and then import it in again.