Altapoint Vision

The Altapoint Vision product is quickly becoming the software of choice amongst vision practices. It has a completely integrated practice management solution consisting of billing, scheduling, Vision RX tracking, medical records system, inventory control, dispensing, etc. Using Altapoint as the base product, we have created add-on solutions that provide the “icing on the cake” for vision practices. Your office can pick and choose from various options and tailor a solution that is specific to the needs of your practice. There is not a more comprehensive vision solution available in the industry today. Let us prove it to you. Complete the section on the left to access our online vision video demo to see a short video presentation of this in action.
Claim to Fame Features

  Connectivity for Pre-Authorizations, Hardware, and Electronic Claims through VSP without having the visit the VSP website.
  Automated Dispensing Tools with Voice Automation
  Automated Voice Reminder System for Appointments, Recalls, & Dispensing
  Completely Electronic Billing Including Primary and Secondary E-Claims, Electronic Remittance Advice, and Automated Payment Posting.
  Automated Collections Module (w/ optional Voice Automated Messenger System)

Standard Features

  Full Practice Management w/ Integrated Electronic Medical Records
  Advanced Scheduling Capabilities (w/ optional Voice Automated Reminder System)
  Full Patient Recall System (w/ optional Voice Automated Reminder System)
  Integrated Task Management & Interoffice Messaging System
  Optical Shop READY
  Vision Inventory Tracking and Point Of Sale Capabilities
  Integrated HIPAA Documentation and HIPAA Log
  Extensive Reporting & Graphing Capabilities
  Image Tracking & Equipment Interfacing
  Paper and Electronic Claims and Statements
  Integrated Vision Rx Tracking & Dispensing
  Internal & External Vision Lab Orders
  Document Tracking & Creation
  Patient Hand-Outs and Instruction

Add On Options

  Bar Coding Solution w/ Frames Database
  Automated Voice Messenger System
  ERA Module for Automatic Payment Posting
  Integrated Credit Card Module
  Automated Collections Module (w/ optional Voice Automated Messenger System)
  Quickbooks Interface
  Custom Interfaces & Add-Ons Available

This vision solution is one of the first comprehensive solutions available that literally
provides all the features necessary to completely automate a vision practice. Click at the
top left to view the online video demo and download an evaluation copy today.

Own it for as little as . . . $995

Frames Database Engine

Frames Database Engine consists of a universal UPC frames database that allows users to scan existing UPC bar codes on frames for easily inputting inventory into Altapoint, or scanning items out of inventory during patient checkout. Nearly 90% of frames in the U.S. are included in this database. Any frames not included, can be addressed with our standard label solution (sold separately). This database allows users to receive and checkout frames inventory quicker and easier than any other solution in the vision industry. Complete the section on the left to access our online vision video demo to see a short video presentation of this in action.

$999 - Subscription to Framesdata Also Required
One Time Setup Fee


The Messenger add-on interfaces with Altapoint to provide automated voice messaging to your patients. It can read your daily schedule and perform patient appointment reminders and/or recall reminders for your practice. It can also be used to make calls on delinquent accounts for collections purposes, call and play happy birthday messages, etc. One of the most attractive features of Messenger for vision practices is that in can be used to contact patients for dispensing purposes. Complete the section on the left to access our online vision video demo to see a short video presentation of this in action.

30 Days Free Trial


The LabelPro add-on allows users to print various labels from the Altapoint program including patient address labels, chart labels, appointment reminder labels, and inventory bar-code labels. The LabelPro solution is a must-have for optical shops who manage inventory, and who need a quick, painless way of checking patients during hardware purchases.

$999 w/ Label Software Interface, Label Printer, and Bar-Code Scanner

Clearinghouse Solution with ERAuto Post

Our clearinghouse solution is one of the first in the nation to support direct VSP connectivity that allows practices to send VSP claims along with your normal claims batches. Now you can send Primary and Secondary claims electronically, receive electronic remittance advice, and have our software automatically post your payments into Altapoint electronically. The ERA auto posting module completes the final phase of billing by automatically posting your payments directly into your Altapoint billing system. Instead of manually posting payments, now you can receive Electronic Remittance Advice that our module downloads and posts for you. An EOB that would have taken a week to post manually can be posted in only seconds with our module.

$499 w/ MedExperts Clearinghouse

Eliminate the paperwork; Eliminate the fuss.

PO-Pal is an add-on that allows purchase orders to be electronically generated directly from the Altapoint billing system without having to visit any third-party websites. It eliminates the double-entry that vision offices currently experience, and allows the transmission of orders to vision labs across the country easily and effectively. The days of manually entering information online, printing and “snail-mailing” orders is over. Now we can do it in half the time, with less work, and without any paper. Complete the section on the left to access our online vision video demo to see a short video presentation of this in action.

Service is FREE for vision providers.
One Time Setup Fee

Collections Module
Eliminate the paperwork; Eliminate the fuss.

In most vision practices patient accounts receivables make up the largest portion of outstanding balances and is the most difficult portion to collect. Our collections module interfaces with Altapoint to assist with working patient collections. It will help flag patients that need to be worked, and help escalate each account through the pre-collections process. A list of patients meeting collections criteria is presented, and the billing staff is able to select the patients they wish to send to collections. This list is exported to a file and transmitted electronically to the collections service. Once transmitted, you can track the status of each account online, and amounts collected are mailed to you each month.