MedExperts Acquires InvestMed, LLC
MedExperts, one of the most widely used medical software vendors in the nation, has announced a merger/acquisition of InvestMed, LLC to integrate InvestMed’s electronic patient registration software “Patient Kiosk” with MedExperts’ wide array of practice management solutions.
With this tool, MedExperts will be able to allow medical patients to self-register on a patient kiosk within the office, or online via a patient portal. This technology will allow the automation of much of the data entry process for patient demographics and medical history in medical offices.
“The merger/acquisition of InvestMed is another important milestone and key component in MedExperts’ plans to provide comprehensive medical solutions to the medical industry,” says Ken Doke, a Partner and Managing Member at MedExperts. “We believe that we can acquire a proven product like “Patient Kiosk”, expand on its features and functionality, and create a solution unmatched in the industry today.”
“Being primarily a development company, our patent-pending patient registration software, has been a significant achievement spanning nearly four years in development and many more years in planning.  We are excited to finally have a seasoned sales and marketing team to take this product to market.  Our arrangement with MedExperts is a really exciting opportunity for us to be able to help medical practices across the country automate one of their most basic manual tasks – patient registration and date entry.” – Kevin Burdick, InvestMed, LLC
About MedExperts
MedExperts is a unique solutions provider for medical facilities.  The primary goal at MedExperts is to provide a broad range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of various types of medical entities.  MedExperts takes a consulting-based approach to determine the exact needs of an organization and then matches the organization with the proper products and services based upon those specific needs.  Over the long-term, MedExperts plans to become a "one-stop shop" for medical companies world-wide, and with the broad range of products and services currently offered, MedExperts is quickly achieving that goal.
About InvestMed
InvestMed was founded by entrepreneur and medical industry consultant Kevin Burdick in early 2004. The goal of InvestMed was to provide solutions for problems in medical office workflow and inefficiencies that exist in medical offices. The InvestMed Patient Kiosk was released in 2004 after thousands of man hours and office research. The result was a software kiosk that would replace the inefficient, paper forms and manual data entry that plagues so many offices in the medical industry today.