MedExperts Chosen To Deploy Medical Software Solution In North Carolina

Windows on the World Community Development Corporation has officially selected MedExperts, LLC and Sequence Managers Software to provide a comprehensive/integrated medical software solution for as many as 75 clinics and rural hospitals across the state of North Carolina. The project called for the very best Practice Management and Electronic Health Records Solutions available in the industry.  The integration of these “best of breed” solutions has created one of the most dynamic solutions available in healthcare today.  The central data repository created through this arrangement will allow clinical users across the state of North Carolina to have instant access to patient health records, which will increase efficiency, lower costs, and increase the level of patient care.  The first phase of development and integration was completed in June, and WOW is looking to begin rolling out this solution beginning in July of this year.

"This technology has the potential to create employment opportunities in many communities in northeastern North Carolina as we continue to provide the service of converting medical records to electronic format," said Mayor Bunny Sanders, Roper, North Carolina. This effort began with the assistance of funding to WOW e-CDC from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to develop a business plan and pilot program. It has subsequently been funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation to convert 15 Federally Qualified Centers and “Look Alikes” in North Carolina. "Our goal is to create a 100 percent paperless EMR & document management system for what will be a network of clinics, physician offices, and hospitals."

MedExperts, LLC has been chosen to provide the practice management portion of this project because they are one of the largest and most widely used medical software vendors in the nation.  MedExperts is one of just a few companies in the nation capable of providing the comprehensive, integrated practice management solution that meets WOW e-CDC requirements or a fully functional system. The proprietary software solution created for this project is a user friendly application that can facilitate the practice management needs of medical, dental, and institutional facilities through a single software interface.  MedExperts has created tightly integrated interfaces to work in conjunction with services such as clearinghouse, collections, etc.  This tight integration allows for a level of revenue cycle management and reporting yet to be experienced in the medical industry today.

Using a “best of breed” concept, WOW e-CDC has chosen to interface MedExperts’ dynamic practice management solution with the OnDemandCARE Electronic Health Records System (EHR).  OnDemandCARE is based on enhancements to the lauded and very successful VistA technology that has allowed the VA’s hospitals, clinics, etc to be linked by a universal medical records network. Authorized users can look at 5.3 million patients' records including everything from a nurse's note, to a blood test drawn at a clinic visit, to a coronary angiogram.  Other open source technologies that are integrated into OnDemandCARE include: Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Document Management & Imaging, Enterprise Resource Planning for financial reporting, Supply Change Management, Business Intelligence and the leading relational database for geographical redundancy.  "The VistA technology is a perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish," added Mayor Sanders. "We are pleased with their project and implementation knowledge, and feel that OnDemandCARE is the ideal solution for our network of hospitals and clinics."

MedExperts is a unique, comprehensive solutions provider for medical facilities. The company provides a broad range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of various types of medical entities; including medical consulting and software development.  MedExperts employs a consulting-based approach in determining the exact needs of organization and then delivers solutions tailored to address those particular needs.  Since MedExperts maintains its own in-house divisions for clearinghouse, development, collections, etc, the company is able to provide the highest levels of integration and automation.  With thousands of clients across the globe, MedExperts has proven to be the vendor of choice for leading-edge technology.  “We have had the vision of creating a centralized medical records repository for some time, but there was always a piece of the puzzle that was missing,” said Ken Doke, Managing Member of MedExperts, LLC.  “By bringing together the industry’s best solution providers, WOW made this project a reality.  We are very excited to be a part of such a ground-breaking opportunity.”

OnDemandCARE is a comprehensive EHR solution.  The product contains a suite of services designed to help an organization grow by addressing all of its medical electronic data storage, tracking, and retrieval needs.  OnDemandCARE is an unmatched alternative; offering a safe, easy, cost-effective solution based on open source healthcare integrated technologies.  "We are very excited to be working with Windows on the World," said Brian Lord, CEO of Sequence Managers Software. "We recognize what an important role we will have in developing a more cost-effective, paperless health management system for the proposed network of clinics and rural hospitals."  "Our goal is to have the system completely implemented within one year," added Lord. "Every clinic will be utilizing our master patient index, enabling patients to utilize any medical facility in the network and have their health data available for better service and reduce cost of services."

Windows on the World is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is the development of computer and Internet related enterprises in the Northeast Region of North Carolina. They are spear-heading the deployment of this statewide EHR initiative, and will be rolling out this solution to a network of Federally Qualified Health Centers that could include as many as 75 clinics and rural hospitals throughout the state of North Carolina.