Product Description

No medical facility wants to fall behind on federal standards or offer patients lackluster care. But how can healthcare organizations remain current and provide cost-effective and attentive patient care?

Let SOAPware EHR empower your small, large or even multi-location practice with higher billing levels, lower paper dependency and enhanced office communications. This fully customizable application is certified for meaningful use, comes with built-in e-prescribing and medication fill history and connects directly to your lab for an efficient, streamlined workflow.

Advanced features include document and task management, patient research, instant medical history integration, and patient education handouts, among others. In this ever-changing healthcare environment, SOAPware EHR offers the power and flexibility you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How is SOAPware EHR different?

SOAPware EHR has a unique advantage since it can fully adapt to your office workflow versus requiring you to change your workflow to match the EHR. SOAPware EHR’s integrates to many Practice Management systems on the market, but it is also part of the SOAPware Clinical Suite if you prefer an all-in-one system.

This product helps you address all of your facility’s billing, clinical and front and back office needs. All of this is done while streamlining your procedures and eliminating excessive work. This EHR system has several features, all designed to fine-tune daily operations and keep you in line with initiatives like meaningful use and HIPAA requirements.

Here are a few things that SOAPware EHR offers that will help your organization stand out:

  • Professional scheduling
  • Specialty templates
  • Meaningful Use dashboard
  • Intelligent E&M coding
  • Patient research tools
  • E-prescribing
  • Document management
  • Flow sheets and growth charts.

These are just some of the many features that SOAPware EHR can bring to your healthcare facility.

Improve daily workflow and the patient experience

At MedicalAIS we want to give you the tools that your practice needs to remain organized and offer patients individualized care at an affordable price. Our team will work with your staff to train them on the intricacies of SOAPware, guaranteeing they will understand how to use it to its full potential. Not only will this improve daily operations, but all patients will feel valued and know that they are cared for.

Product Description

It is essential for healthcare facilities to keep themselves organized and current with federal regulations. The need for efficiency becomes a higher priority and there is no better way to leverage product efficiencies through having one comprehensive yet flexible system to manage your office. As new innovations are introduced, medical organizations must guarantee that they have a comprehensive program that helps them meet all of these needs and more.

This is where SOAPware practice management comes into play. SOAPware Clinical Suite offers an all-in-one system with SOAPware’s EHR as well as the practice management module. With the clinical suite you truly get one system and there is no middleware or interface requirements between the practice management and EHR. With SOAPware’s clinical suite you get an all-in-one system—there are no separate upgrade requirements and the product is already ICD-10 ready.

Partner with the professionals at MedicalAIS to learn the intricacies of this software and keep your staff up to date as well. SOAPware practice management is is part of the SOAPware Clinical Suite, and gives facilities of all sizes the ability to stay organized and provide quality patient care.

What are the benefits of SOAPware practice management?

Investing in the right software can help medical facilities of all sizes run smoothly and not fall behind on new standards as they are introduced. SOAPware practice management software helps your staff do the following:

  • Find coding, as they come pre-populated and updated
  • Easily track patient appointments, even multiple providers
  • Have access to enhanced patient notes and alerts

Product Description

In today’s complex healthcare environment, independent practitioners face the challenge of improving efficiencies while maintaining the highest levels of patient care. Medisoft® Clinical delivers proven practice management capabilities combined with a comprehensive electronic health record system, giving you the tools you need to simplify and streamline the way you run your practice.


  • Bright Note Technology™ design updates the entire chart from a single point of entry, reducing manual entry.

  • Documentation tools adapt to provider’s preference: templates, speech recognition, digital pen, dictation and Web-based patient data entry.

  • Electronic prescribing (via Surescripts®) speeds workflow and improves patient safety.

Scheduling and Billing

  • Medisoft Mobile, a mobile application for the iPhone® or iPad®, lets you view your schedule and transmit charges using a phone or tablet.

  • Customizable rules-based grids allow your practice to easily address different carrier filing requirements.

  • Multiple ways to view the schedule helps expedite the scheduling of patient appointments.

Provider Dashboard and Reporting

  • Searchable patient data is automatically generated to help quickly produce efficient and effective clinical care reporting.

  • View all critical information—including messages, incoming results, notes and documentation—all in one place.

  • Reporting capabilities designed to encourage the adoption of EHRs, including pay-for-performance and ePrescribing.

Product Description

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Designed to support small, independent physicians, Medisoft® is a proven practice management system that delivers streamlined scheduling and billing functionality along with complete revenue management capabilities. Medisoft’s newly-released mobile computing technology and support for ICD-10 codes gives your practice the tools needed to improve efficiencies and manage increasing regulatory compliance requirements.

ICD-10 Ready

  • Dual diagnosis list lets you search for ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes.

  • Customized carrier setting allows you to specify which code the carrier is using.

  • A mapping tool helps you translate some ICD-9 codes to ICD-10.

Scheduling and Billing

  • Lytec Mobile, a mobile application for the iPhone® or iPad®, lets you view your schedule and transmit charges using a phone or tablet.

  • Customizable rules-based grids allow your practice to easily address different carrier filing requirements.

  • Multiple ways to view the schedule helps expedite the scheduling of patient appointments.

Revenue Management

  • Pre-claim editing allows you to review your filings for errors on the front-end before you submit for payment.

  • Verify and check for patient eligibility before a service is performed.

  • Ability for biller to efficiently review payment information, flag changes and post individual payments and adjustments.

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