Electronic Health Records
Comprehensive Medical Records
  • Use a tablet PC for touch screen and handwriting functionality. Touch Screen PCs are also available, or use your existing hardware for a more economical solution.
  • Easily integrate external equipment such as EKG, Spirometer, etc.
  • Patients are easily checked in, and tracked throughout the entire visit. In fact, with the MedExperts Patient Kiosk patients can even check themselves in, and complete their own medical history for easy import into the patient’s chart. There is even a web-based module so that patients can complete their history online before coming to your office.
  • Documents and images can be easily attached to the patient’s electronic chart for easy access to patient correspondence, and to create a paperless office environment.
  • Print, email, or fax any document directly from the software.
  • Track the patient’s general medical history, family history, and social history. The general medical history automatically asks history questions that are related to the patient’s age and sex.
  • Track past problems, allergies, immunizations, and medications. Easily modify these lists, and graph historical data.
  • The vitals screen automatically calculates BMI, height for age, weight for age, head circumference, etc. It also automatically creates a graphical representation of these measurements. Growth charts for Pediatrics are also included.
  • Easily create prescriptions, check for known drug interactions, and review patient prescription insurance information on the fly. Print, fax, or email your scripts to your pharmacy of choice.
  • Patient instruction sheets can be saved and distributed from the software.
  • Use the Diagnostic Section to review and import lab results, radiology reports, consultations, etc.
  • Custom Exam Word “Pick” Lists and Medical Templates are customized for each physician so that the software is tailored around the physician, and not the other way around.
  • Use pre-defined “Normal Values” to document pertinent normal findings with a single click. This capability, combined with charting by exception techniques, can be used to potentially increase levels of E&M Coding.
  • Integrated E&M Coding Calculator can be used to help the provider determine what level of code they qualify for, and easily post the code from the calculator.
  • The EHR is completely integrated with the Practice Management Software so bills are automatically created for the billing staff, where they will then be checked for accuracy before submission.
MedExperts Patient Kiosk

In many offices today, patients complete numerous paper forms by hand. Once finished they provide the often illegible forms to a practice employee who begins the arduous task of manually entering the information into the office billing system. Paper is wasted, errors in data entry are made, and inefficiency reigns. All of that is about to change. With the MedExperts Patient Kiosk, patients enter their own information safely and securely either in your office and/or via the web. Then, they submit the information electronically to practice staff where the data can be reviewed before the data is easily imported into your practice management system.

Automated Voice Messaging Module
Medical Messenger is the most advanced, speech empowered messaging, reminder calling and recall notification sys- tem available on the market today. Automatically contact clients with lab results, appointment reminders, patient recalls, etc.


Document Management Solutions

Thinking of how nice it would be a paperless office, but are faced with the daunting task of eliminating years of paper that has accumulated in your office. Then, let MedExperts help implement a document management solution. Using high end scanners, thousands of documents per hour can be scanned and attached to Electronic Patient Charts. This is the ideal way to conserve space, help rid your office of years of paperwork, and provide a mechanism to deal with ongoing paper that comes into your office moving forward.

Web Design Hosting

Websites designed by MedExperts are attractive, intuitive, and easy to navigate. MedExperts is able to develop healthcare sites for the progressive medical practice. The professionals at MedExperts remain constantly tuned into developments in internet technology and the medical industry. This ensures client sites are always reliable, flexible, cost effective, and fast! Our sites can be used to house downloadable patient forms, or allow patients to update account information and patient history online. Web Development Services Include: Design Development, Project Man- agement, Programming Graphic Design, Web Hosting Setup, Search Engine Registrations, Testing and Quality Assurance.

Digital Diagnostic Equipment

Digital diagnostic equipment is highly advanced equipment and software that runs on your conventional Microsoft® Windows personal computer. Everything you need to get up and running in min- utes is included. The acquisition and operating costs of digital equipment dramatically lower than that of old-style, stand-alone ECG, Spirometer, Holder Monitors, etc. Despite the lower acquisition costs, these powerful systems are the most sophisticated diag- nostic tools available, and there is no better way—or smarter time—to move your diagnostic equipment into the digital age.

Hardware Input Options

Altapoint EHR allows for nearly every known input method available today. In addition to the traditional keyboard and mouse technology, users can use touch-screen technology to pick and select options by touching the computer screen. Handwriting recognition will convert the user’s handwriting to typed text. Users can even use voice recognition to enter typed text as the user speaks. MedExperts knows what it takes to make these solutions WORK! Let MedExperts work with you to determine your best input options.