MedExperts is a unique solutions provider servicing the medical industry. Our goal at MedExperts is to provide a broad range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of various types of medical entities. Rather than just try and sale medical products, we prefer to take a consulting-based approach to determine the exact needs of an organization and then match the organization with the proper product and/or service based upon those needs. Our goal of becoming a "one-stop shop" for medical companies world-wide, is quickly becoming a reality. MedExperts partners with other companies in the industry who have similar focus and determination.
We use a “best of breed” mentality when choosing our partners, and we try and align ourselves with others in the industry who have the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This concept has served us well, and we have developed a strong partner network with several hundred partners across the nation capable of delivering our products/services on a local level. By creating a lucrative revenue sharing plan with partners (MVPs), MedExperts has been able to create the incentive necessary to generate a strong following of Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the medical industry. Our revenue sharing plan calls for a combination of immediate front-end returns in conjunction with strong residual income. Our partners enjoy offering MedExperts solutions in conjunction with their own offerings; all while maintaining their independence and freedom of choice.