Practice Management Software
Complete Practice Management

- Scheduling is extremely strong with the ability to customize, and create schedule templates with color coding, etc. Schedule resources with ease.

- Voice automated messaging system for automated appointment reminders, patient recalls, custom messages, lab results, etc. Also Integrates with the MedExperts Collections Module for custom voice-automated Collection Messages.

- Patient entry is simplified with the use of a tabular screen that contains everything needed for a patient on a single input screen.

- Altapoint has integrated documents and imaging management for users who desire a paperless office.

- Manage the claims process for electronic submission of Primary claims, to electronic submission of Secondary Claims, and for the Automatic Payment Posting of electronic remittance advice directly back into Altapoint.

- Catch denials before they are transmitted with the MedExperts customizable “Bill Scrubber” Module.

- Verify eligibility of scheduled patients prior to service to reduce denials.

- Send patient statements electronically in a high-quality, easy-to-read format, and receive payments with little or no effort on the part of your staff. Send statements via email right from Altapoint software if you wish.

- Integrated electronic HIPAA documents and corresponding HIPAA log.

- Integrated credit card capabilities.

- Integrates with Quickbooks to create a full accounting suite.

- Monitor and improve practice performance, financial health, and patient care with robust reporting capabilities.


Streamline Clinical Workflow with Integrated Altapoint EHR

When your practice is ready to transition to an integrated electronic health record (EHR), MedExperts will be ready to help. Altapoint has one of the most practical and economical medical records systems available. This software offers a method of greatly reducing the amount of time and effort clinicians spend on documentation; all while improving patient care. For more information on our EHR solutions, please visit, or contact a sales representative for assistance.

MedExperts “Bill Scrubber” Module

Practices work diligently to send clean claims to payers, but rejections just seem inevitable. Now there is a solution available to decrease rejection rates by catching problematic claims before they are ever transmitted. The MedExperts “Bill Scrubber” Module allows clients to create custom rules and edits that are specific to their practice to catch potential problem claims before they are ever submitted. Now the only thing that is inevitable is lower rejection rates.


Insurance Card Scanning Solution

Using this add-on solution, clinical staff is able to quickly capture images of insurance cards, driver’s license information, etc. and save the images directly in the patient file in the Altapoint system.

Automated Voice Messaging Module

Medical Messenger is the most advanced speech empowered messaging, reminder calling and recall notification system available on the market today. Medical Messenger is ideal for any practice that wants to optimize its appointment process while giving its patients the personal attention they deserve.


MedExperts Collections Module

Tired of manually working delinquent patient accounts and/or spending hours upon hours every month manually sub- mitting accounts to a third party collections service? Then, we have the solution for you. The MedExperts Automated Collections Module lets you set the “rules of engagement” for working collections in your practice. The module sends custom collection letters, and integrates with the Automated Messaging System above to play custom, voice-automated collection reminders to your patients. Once clients reach the delinquency stage, and you are ready to turn accounts to a third party agency, then you simply create an electronic batch of collection accounts and transmit to the agency with a single click where you will be able to track the status of the accounts online. There are absolutely no up-front fees for this service. The collection agency simply charges a modest contingency fee on the amounts collected on the delinquent balances.

Automatic Payment Posting Module

The MedExperts ERA AutoPosting Module is a fantastic tool that allows for the automatic posting of Electronic Remittance Advice from payers. The module is configured to automatically download remits, allows the user to 
preview the ERA details, post the remit in seconds, and review extensive reporting before and after the remit is posted.