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Product Description

MedExperts is a unique solutions provider servicing the medical industry. Our goal at MedExperts is to provide a broad range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of various types of medical entities. Rather than just try and sale medical products, we prefer to take a consulting-based approach to determine the exact needs of an organization and then match the organization with the proper product and/or service based upon those needs. Our goal of becoming a "one-stop shop" for medical companies world-wide, is quickly becoming a reality. MedExperts partners with other companies in the industry who have similar focus and determination. We use a “best of breed” mentality when choosing our partners, and we try and align ourselves with others in the industry who have the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This concept has served us well, and we have developed a strong partner network with several hundred partners across the nation capable of delivering our products/services on a local level. By creating a lucrative revenue sharing plan with partners (MVPs), MedExperts has been able to create the incentive necessary to generate a strong following of Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the medical industry. Our revenue sharing plan calls for a combination of immediate front-end returns in conjunction with strong residual income. Our partners enjoy offering MedExperts solutions in conjunction with their own offerings; all while maintaining their independence and freedom of choice.


MedExperts has a large internal client base (over a thousand clients), in which we have been able to use as leverage to negotiate special pricing on products and services. We have used our in-house development team to create tight integration between the software solutions we sell, and the third-part vendors we have contracted with. This allows MedExperts to offer traditional services in a non-traditional, state of the art fashion.

We currently offer solutions for the following products/services:

 Software Solutions

  •  Altapoint PMS/EMR (Small to Mid Sized Practice Solution)
  •  Medinotes EMR (Small to Mid sized Practice Solution)
  •  Meditab IMS (Mid to Large sized Group/Facility Solution)
  •  Web Portals (Patient, Physician, and Hospital Web Portals)
  •  Centralized EHR Database Solutions
  •  IPA, PHO, and MSA Software Solutions
  •  RHIO and/or Multi-Platform Database Solutions
  •  Pharmacy Software
  •  Radiology Information Systems & PACS Software
  •  Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Software
  • Small to Medium Sized Facility Software (Hospitals, etc.)
  • Backend Accounting System Integration
  • Custom Interfaces and Portals 

 Add-On Software Modules

  • ERA Auto-Posting Module
  • Collections Module
  • Client Portal


  • Centralized Client Portal (Customizable)
  • Primary and Secondary Claims are sent Electronically 
  • Electronic Remittance Advice 
  • Automatic Payment Posting Module Available 
  • Electronic Patient Statements
  • Electronic Letters
  • Eligibility Verification 
  • Live Online Claim Status 
  • Vision Claims Connectivity (VSP)
  • Vision Labs Interface
  • Institutional Claims (UB92)
  • Dental Claims 
  • Etc... 


  • Centralized Client Portal (Customizable)
  • Medical Billing Service 
  • Medical Collections Service (Collections Module Available) 
  • Medical Transcription
  • Financial Solutions (Leasing, Factoring, Etc.)
  • Application Service Provider (ASP Service) 
  • IT Services and Software Development
  • Answering Service
  • Accounting & Payroll Services 
  • Training & Support Services 
  • Website Development & Hosting 
  • Practice & Facility Consulting 
  • Outsourcing & Offshore Staffing Solutions 
  • Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Add-on Modules

By offering such a wide range of products and services, partners (MVPs) can offer the MedExperts’ full products and service line as if it were their own. By increasing the overall offerings, our partners are able to maximize each sale and close a multitude of products and services over and above the VAR’s existing product lines. Furthermore, by creating tight integration between software and services, customer satisfaction rates are higher and retention rates are phenomenal.

Partners can also tap into the vast resources of MedExperts. We have incredible sales, implementation, training, and support staff available through our partnership. Although partners are completely independent and can provide their own service if they desire, we have what we like to refer to as a “cafeteria plan” where MVPs simply pick and choose the products and services they would like to offer from the MedExperts arsenal. If you like to do sales, but despise training and support, then MedExperts will not only provide training and support for you, but will also pay you a commission for it. This allows partners to focus on the areas that they excel in, and concentrate on maximizing their income rather than delivering the mundane tasks that they are not fond of. Alternatively, MedExperts can discount services to MVPs so they can be purchased at wholesale and resold to clients at retail.

MedExperts is interested in MVPs who are “in it to win it.” When we find those partners, we work closely to pass on leads, facilitate deals, and generate revenue. Our Regional Partner Representatives have incentives to help ensure success for our partners. MedExperts furnishes the necessary materials and training to equip our MVPs with the tools to necessary for success.

Integrated Services

For more information you can contact the MVP Regional Representative for your area, or click on the Partner Signup above to get started.

Ken Doke, Owner

(866) 871-0952 - Ext 3000