Health Information Exchange

Product Description


What does it do?

It allows you to simply and securely share data, in a HIPAA compliant manner over the internet, with another provider or care giving organization.


And how does it work?

You can authorize another entity (for example a specialist you refer patients to, a nursing home, an assisted living facility etc.) to see a particular patient's record, and it will be available to them immediately. The Network will automatically send them a username and password to be able to access this/these particular record(s). Any time you give them access to a new record, the Network will automatically email a notification to them so they can log in to see their records.

With an integrated EMR/EHR

If you have an EMR/EHR, and it integrates with the network - sending and receiving referrals, sharing charts, lab results and other clinical data is literally a click away! You will have one touch ability to accomplish all this with no effort on your part. 

Stand-alone Gateway - With a non-integrated EMR/EHR

If you have an EMR/EHR, and it does not integrate with our network - you can still, in many cases, export and import data into a Gateway, that you will have put in place in your practice/location. This Gateway will allow you to accomplish exactly the same functions once the data is in the Gateway. All chart sharing and notifications will work the same way. 

Stand-alone Gateway - With no EMR/EHR at all

Even if you are completely on paper, with a Gateway in your office, you can scan and add charts to the Gateway to make it shareable on the network. You can still reap the benefits of remote access to your charts by yourself and others you give access to.



Why use our solution?

One of the key criteria in meeting Meaningful Use requirements as mandated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is the use of Health Information Technology to share clinical data with other healthcare entities.  The stimulus requirements are not merely a question of waving a receipt for an EMR, but to actually prove meaningful use.  We can help you meet this criteria quickly and cost effectively.

How will it pay off?

I addition to helping you meet meaningful use criteria, which in and of itself has a bonus attached to it, our solution has the intrinsic value of providing you with a strong ROI as laid out here.  The specific areas that MedExperts can help are:


  • Internal and External communication & Messaging  tool
  • Referrals and appointment tracking  / Automates the consult note delivery .
  • Documentation of clinical tasks like Weight, BMI, Fall etc  
  • Labs, tests, orders and electronic notification and tracking of the same
  • Coumadin and other lab entry tracking  
  • Enables web access via computers, tablets, iPhone and Android Smart Phones  
  • Document management / Fax server (optional)
  • Enable sharing of patient charts with multiple providers, including the PCP, at any given time
  • Signature requests are a click away and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Enables electronic Authorization requests from qualified Insurance companies
  • PHR capability for patient communication
  • Allows   creation of electronic custom forms for a nominal additional fee
  • Reporting capability
These capabilities provide you with the ability to improve your communications, patient care and cost structure through process efficiencies.


Add-on Modules


The following are the specialized modules for Health Care entities

It's important to note that these modules work with most Medical Facilities in their "as-is" form. But, in addition, MedExperts has other modules available that are not listed here that may be a better fit for your organization's specialized needs.

• Home Health Agencies
• Durable Medical Equipment Company
• Community Health Information Exchange
• Correctional Health Information Exchange
• Health Plans/Health Insurance Carriers
• Laboratories
• Radiology Facilities
• Hospitals
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Nursing Homes



Integrated Services


Why our Solution? 



The great thing about choosing the Health Information Exchange solution with MedExperts is that our solution is a web-based service that interfaces/integrates with your AltaPoint EHR software. This web-based gateway allows for easy Implementation, Training, Support etc.

Our solution is essentially a clearinghouse for Medical Records. It gives you the ability to send electronic data to Providers/Facilities that aren't even on the MedExperts Network.