Application Hosting

Don’t want to purchase expensive computer equipment or outrageously priced software solutions.  Not a problem, Emerging Medical Technologies, (EMT) provides a state of the art practice management system via the Internet that does not require any special setup on your end.  On the ASP, you simply log into our servers with your own unique IP address, Username and Password.  Once in, you access your own facility data as if it were running on your own in-house server.  This allows your practice to inexpensively obtain a practice management system, or to link multiple locations without having to create your own wide area network or purchase expensive hardware.  The EMT ASP is a viable solution for any practice who is considering a medical billing service, needing to link multiple locations, or simply looking for a new practice management system.

What is Web-Based Practice Management?

Web-Based practice management uses the latest in proven computer technology to make software applications and data storage available to health care providers over the internet.  MedExperts uses a secure ASP (Application Service Provider) to deliver Practice Management  software, and a host of office productivity tools to clients. 

In a nutshell, ASP technology allows your practice to have a sophisticated, always up-to-date computer system that runs, via any web browser, on MedExpert's high-speed computer servers. Since the software resides on our computers, we take care of system maintenance & software updates.  

Why your practice should use EMT ASP . . .

Incredible ease-of-use, dramatic cost savings, zero software maintenance, totally portable access - the list goes on.  With MedExpert's ASP, you can access your complete practice management system - single or multiple office - from any computer with an internet connection - from your office, from the hospital, from your home, from your PDA (Win CE) - wherever you have internet access.  No more expensive server-based networks to run in your office.  No more buggy software. No more costly software updates. No more worry about data back-ups or data loss due to system crashes, theft, fire or other physical risks.