Clearinghouse Solutions
MedExperts, LLC offers one of the most comprehensive EDI solutions in the world. Primary and Secondary medical claims are processed electronically using our custom Web Portal. Payment information (ERA) can be retrieved electronically and automatically posted back into the clients practice management software using our proprietary ERA Auto-Posting Module. In addition to having one of the most comprehensive electronic solutions available, MedExperts boasts having some of the greatest online tools as well. Our advanced reporting tools allow users to analyze data, and make adjustments that lower rejection rates and increase overall productivity. Ancillary clearinghouse services such as Electronic Patient Statements, Eligibility Verification, and Online Payment Status Reporting, is the “icing on the cake”. By combining basic clearinghouse services with these ancillary services, a total EDI Solution is created that completely revolutionizes the Revenue Cycle for medical facilities. MedExperts provides one of the few solutions that literally makes the entire revenue cycle electronic. The solution is relatively simple to implement, and creates unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

The MedExperts clearinghouse is a fantastic service that goes hand-in-hand with our other products and services. Because we already provide software support for our clients, we are able to take our clearinghouse support to the next level. Not only can provide information regarding claim forms, we can also tell you where to go into your software in order to alleviate any type of claim-related issues. If this support is not enough, then we still have the option of using our Remote Support Software to log into your PC via the Internet and work with you on your system.

Claims Packages

We offer all the primary features for one low monthly price. We support HCFA, UB92, Dental, DME, Vision Claims, etc.. We can receive and process various formats including ANSI 5010, Print-Image, etc. As a general rule, if you can send it, we can process it. Click here to view our national payer list.
             Flat Rate Pricing          

                                                      Unlimited Primary Electronic Claims

                                                      Unlimited Secondary Electronic Claims

                                                      Unlimited Paper Claims

                                                      Unlimited Electronic Remittance Advice

                                                      Live Claim Status
                                                      Automated Secondary Claims Submission
                                                      Secondary Online Submission (SOS)
                                                      ERA Automatic Payment Posting Module Available
                                                      Volume discounts available upon request.

Additional Services

Eligibility Verification

Eligibility verification allows users to enter basic information in our client portal and find out immediately whether a patient is eligible for benefits. In many cases you can determine if a patient has met their deductible, the amount of the co-pay, and what type of percentage to expect for the patient responsibility.