Medical Collection Services

Are your current collections a little shaky? MedExperts offers a full-service accounts receivable management, and debt recovery service. We are unique in that all accounts are handled by medical collection specialists while our fees remain on a purely contingent basis (we receive a percentage of what is collected - no debt collection, no fee). MedExperts has a collections division that specifically handles medical receivables. We provide debt collection anywhere in the United States.  As a hybrid of a software vendor, billing service, clearinghouse, and medical consultant, we are confident that MedExperts form of accounts receivable management and debt recovery will more likely result in the collection of your problem accounts than the typical third party collector (e.g. a lay person, debt collection agency, or law firm) because our collection specialists are more savvy and knowledgeable with respect to debt recovery and collections. Despite these specialized qualifications and services, our contingency rates remain.


MedExperts wants to be Your Accounts Receivable Partner

      Experienced and Effective

The MedExperts collections division was founded on a very basic concept: When a business sells a product or provides a service, the business deserves to be paid. When the business is not paid, the delinquent accounts that are generated affect the bottom line. That’s where we come in.

MedExperts offers a full-service receivable solution utilizing experienced collection experts to provide your facility with cost-effective collection solutions. We operate on a contingency fee basis. There are no up front costs or listing fees.

In most cases we can interface with your practice management software so that delinquent accounts can be submitted electronically just like an electronic insurance claim.

If we don’t collect, there is no fee.

    Give the Job to the Professional

Let MedExperts assist you with your past due receivables and improve your bottom line.

Remember – A Professional Collection Service doesn’t Cost – it Pays!

    Full Service Agency

MedExperts offers a variety of accounts receivable management services that can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. We offer:

  • Standard Collections
  • Legal Collections
  • Bankruptcy Filing
  • Early Out Programs
  • Payment Monitoring Programs
  • Pre-Collect Arrangements
  • Bad Check Recovery
  • Credit Reporting (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • Debt Purchasing
  • Collection Workshops
  • Consulting Services
  • A/R Funding, Financing, and Factoring