Reduced reimbursements and increased costs are a constant threat to the healthcare services industry. Countering the effects of these factors requires a constant vigilance and continual assessment of every clinical and non-clinical function. Crucial issues such as technology upgrades, patient flow, practice growth, receivables management and staffing mix often go beyond the responsibilities of the office administrator and fall increasingly on the shoulders of the managing physicians. These additional obligations compete for the time needed to do what dedicated health professionals do best; provide the finest quality care to their patients.
MedExperts understand that each practice has its own unique needs. We cater to specific needs, evaluate an existing practice, or help establish a new one. We can assist with many areas within medical organizations including:
  • Existing Practice Evaluation
  • New Practice Setup Accounts
  • Electronic Claim Solutions
  • Medical Billing Solutions
  • EMR/EHR Solutions
  • Recall and Reminder Solutions
  • Patient Scheduling Analysis
  • Comprehensive Software Solutions
  • Complete Revenue Cycle Analysis
  • Accounts Receivables Analysis
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Capitation Analysis
  • Medical Liability Insurance Analysis
  • Marketing and Patient Satisfaction
  • HIPAA Services
  • Revenue Analysis Staffing
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Financial Overview and Consulting


MedExperts can provide you with systems to optimize your healthcare delivery and operational processes to effectively increase compensation-per-physician and lower operating cost-per-patient. Most important, our initiatives and the resulting outcomes are always driven by your goals.