Medical Billing
Medical Billing Services
With a veteran billing staff, you will not find a better billing solution. Using MedExperts' unique ASP setup, it's like having your own in-house billing staff. You can still schedule appointments, check patient balances, and print accounting reports “live” on the same system as the people doing your billing. MedExperts offers competitive rates, and starting is as easy as a phone call.

MedExperts specializes in software solutions for medical facilities. We only service the medical industry, and are in tune with the needs of offices today. MedExperts sells solutions, not just software. Our goal is to “under promise and over deliver”.
Your Medical Billing Company
A Medical billing company should increase your reimbursements. In fact, a medical billing service should be more efficient and effective at medical billing than your own office. A medical billing company should let you and your personnel focus on practicing medicine.
On average clients who choose MedExperts as their billing service increase their monthly collections by $15,000 per month. Although each situation is different, we are notorious for performing fantastic cleanup work, finding items that can be billed that have been missed, and consulting with practices to help increase revenue and decrease expenses.
According to recent studies, an adjustment rate of between 20% and 35% is considered good and acceptable. At MedExperts, our account executives have an average of fifteen years in medical billing. Their knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up are why our adjustment rates are consistently lower. They have been as low as 12% with Medicare. At MedExperts we achieve A/R rates for our practices that are higher than the industry average. Simply put, you and your practice will get a higher average return per processed claim.
MedExperts is much more then a claims processing center because we offer multiple benefits and services. Our state-of-the-art billing system generates your claims daily, which are accurately coded and electronically submitted. Once your superbills are processed, payment can be received in as little as ten days, not three months
A Medical Billing Company should help reduce your expenses
Our clients reduce their back office expenses by using our web-based Practice Management Software package. All you need is a PC and access to the Internet. Our practice management software is comprehensive and includes scheduling, reporting, and even Electronic Medical Records. You will literally access the exact same database that our billing staff works in. This gives you the feel of having your own quality, back-office billing department.  MedExperts is unique in the field of medical billing. We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs. The average medical billing fee is 8.5% nationwide, and our fees are typically well below the national average. Our goal is simply to provide the highest return on your claims at a competitive price.